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Health and Salus

Olimpia Agency S.p.A., in collaboration with Aglea Salus, general friendly society, is able to provide solutions for the optimization and the development of health protections, both individual and corporate, drawing from a wide range of products that can be modulated according to the final user needs.

These solutions contributes to the protection of the life quality and, consequently, of business productivity.



This type of coverage provides a combination of guarantees of major surgical interventions and LCT (Long Term Care): it protects those who, after a major surgery, could suffer harmful consequences, due to the intervention itself or to an accident. The LCT guarantee, on the other hand, protects those who will have to face the costs resulting from total or partial inability (that does not allow normal daily activities to be carried out). Moreover, the assistance of surviving family members is provided: a guarantee that provides the refund of part of the expenses incurred for any grant holder's obsequies.



This type of coverage provides a refund for:

  • simple surgical interventions;
  • major surgical interventions;
  • visits and assessments;
  • ticket;
  • loss of employment assistance.

Stipulating subsidies with Aglea Salus, friendly society, involves several advantages. Eg:



  • Access to a privileged care path at advantageous costs.
  • Reduction of waiting times between request and performance.
  • Possibility of extending coverage to the family unit with minimal additions.
  • Protection of family assets - In the absence of assistance plans, the costs incurred in an illness or an accident could affect the entire family economy.
  • Non-cancellation by the mutual.
  • Detactability to 19% of the contribution paid.
  • Constant price over the time.
  • Worldwide subsidy validity.


  • The employee represents to all effects a corporate assets. Ensuring him a greater attention and care will also bring positive aspects for the quality of the work itself.
  • Cost reduction due to employee sickness.
  • Deductibility up to a maximum of € 3,615.20 for contributions paid for each employee. Constant price over the time.
  • Worldwide subsidy validity.


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