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AIG Europe Limited

AIG Europe Limited - General Representation for Italy - P.I. 08037550962, registered in the Companies of Milan Register number 08037550962.
AIG began working in the Italian market in Milan, in 1949, to support some pan-European and multinational programs and to help the local companies development, offering its customers - companies and institutions - a wide range of insurance products. We are able to develop standard programs or customized solutions, with local or global coverage, according to specific customer needs.
Website: www.aig.com


Chubb European Group Limited

Chubb is the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurer. With operations in 54 countries, Chubb provides commercial and personal property and casualty insurance, personal accident and supplemental health insurance. Chubb serves multinational corporations, mid-size and small businesses with property and casualty insurance and services; affluent and high net worth individuals with substantial assets to protect with a special focus on technological risks.
Website: new.chubb.com/it/it/about-the-new-chubb-faqs.aspx



Lloyd’s is the world’s specialist insurance and reinsurance market.
With expertise earned over centuries, Lloyd’s is the foundation of the insurance industry and the future of it. Led by expert underwriters and brokers who cover more than 200 territories, the Lloyd’s market develops the essential, complex and critical insurance needed to underwrite human progress. Backed by diverse global capital and excellent financial ratings, Lloyd’s works with a global network to grow the insured world, building resilience for businesses and local communities and strengthening economic growth around the world.
Website: www.lloyds.com



VHV Allgeimeine Versicherung AG - Insurance Company, operating since 1919, specialized in construction industry, motor and third party liability. It is one of Germany’s largest groups of non-life insurance providers, the VHV Group, that includes companies acting as independent experts specialized in clearly defined market segments. The group has Standard & Poor’s rating A, with positive outlook. It has been confirmed for 11 years. It is the first Germany insurance group with an improving rating in relation to the previsions, since 2014.
Website: https://www.vhv.de/






InfoCert, Tecnoinvestment Group, is a Company leader in the italian market of Digitization and Dematerialisation services as well as one of the main European Certification Authority for Certified Mail, Digital Sign and documents digital storage services. InfoCert is AgID accredited manager of citizens and companies digital identity in the SPID system (Public System for digital identity managing). InfoCert is expanding its activities internationally and in 2016 it sold its digital transformation services in over ten foreign countries. InfoCert invests significantly in quality and in research and development. The Company got several number of patents, while quality certifications ISO 9001, 27001 and 20000 attest the high commitment in the services supply and in the security management. Furthermore, the InfoCert Information Security Management System is ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 certified for EA activities: 33-35. InfoCert is a Provider of Digital Trust Services fully compliant with the requirements introduced by the eIDAS Regulation (EU Regulation 910/2014). In particular, the company has received the Qualified Trust Service Provider certification, confirming that the service supply processes are compliant with ETSI EN 319 401 standards. In 2017 InfoCert's shares in Sixtema reached 80%. Sixtema is the technological partner of the CNA world, which provides technological solutions and consulting services to SMEs, trade associations, financial intermediaries, professional firms and institutions.
Website: www.infocert.it



OmnitechIT is the right partner to deal safely with digital transformation, thanks to a complete vision on Security IT and all of Stack IT, it offers its customers a personalized End to End service. Digital transformation is an opportunity to reduce costs and to increase revenues, but knowing how to do it safely is still lacking. The company creates specialized solutions to provide safer business services in the new digital economy and to offer its customers the support necessary for a fast and secure growth of their business. OmnitechIT has exptended its offer portfolio, expanding its technological focus on increasing the value of companies. Through a new brand called OmnitechIT Academy, the company offers its knowledge by expert instructors recognized by the market thanks to an Excellence and Knowledge Center, as a reference point for new activities and solutions research and design for its customers. OmnitechIT has its headquarters in Rome and other offices in Italy (Milan and Bari), but it is strongly present on the world, with seven branches in the world. The OmnitechIT international branches are commercial offices and service and development offices for the respective place. The company has its own branch in Serbia, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. To date, it employs over 20 employees, of which the 35% part is represented by senior technical professionals and the 50% are IT product specialists. The very high level of technical specialization has led this company to become the European leader in IT security services. The company has got an exponential growth in recent years, reaching, at the end of 2016, a revenue of 15.5 million euro with growth prospects for the end of 2017.
Website: www.omnitechit.eu

tel. 06 94443175

mob. 328 1889260

fax. 06 87690827