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Ambrosetti Club was born in 1999, when The European House Ambrosetti, a professional group gradually developing many activities in Italy, Europe and throughout the world, decided to offer opportunities of continuous updating and debate with a background made of discontinuities, sudden changes and unexpected accelerations, in order to satisfy the business’ needs. The Club has more or less 300 members today and its goals are:

- to actually contribute to our country’s civil and economic progress;

- to contribute to the institutions and business’ excellence and optimization;

- to support a system of preferencial relationships among the members.

The contents and activities of the Club are several, including: meetings, conference call, round table discussions, researches and in-depth analyses, sector and local community, “lettera club”, Ambrosetti Club Economic indicator, Golden Gate, AP-Permanent Updating service, Workshop, international Forum.


ELIS is a non-profit educational reality that revolves around people and job and, with its activities, it proposes professionalism as a service to the common good. ELIS addresses young people, professionals and companies to respond to the school-work gap, to the youth unemployment and to contribute to the sustainable development of organizations.
Website: www.elis.org


ANCE (Associazione Nazionale dei Costruttori Edili)

ANCE represents the Italian construction industry. About 20.000 private companies, specialized in public works, residencial, commercial and industrial construction, environmental protection, construction promotion and specialized works, are ANCE’s members. The membership system is extended all over the national area and it is made of 96 Local Associations and 20 Regional Organizations. The ANCE’s work’s goal is promoting and supporting the values of business and construction industry and its activities and it takes care about national interests. Internationally, ANCE is based in Bruxelles and it is member of the main international construction Federations. ANCE system promotes and manages the Italian construction internet portal.



ANRA (Associazione Nazionale dei Risk Manager e Responsabili Assicurazioni Aziendali)



Appaltiamo was founded with the aim of supporting and assisting anyone who has daily to manage tender procedures for the assignment of jobs, services and supplies: the dynamic and practical work method is the base of the services that Appaltiamo wants to offer its customers. The main services offered by Appaltiamo and addressed both to Public Administrations and Companies are training in procurement field and the specific advice in planning and management of any tender procedure for the assignment of public contracts.
Website: www.appaltiamo.eu

tel. 06 94443175

mob. 328 1889260

fax. 06 87690827