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Who We are

"The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones."- J.M.Keynes

Olimpia Agency S.p.A., specialized in surety business and technological risk, works in coordination with Olimpia M.G.A. S.r.l., Managing General Agent of Credendo - Excess & Surety. It is Agency of AIG Europe Limited, of Chubb European Group Limited and VHV Allgemeine Versicherung AG, and it has been approved as Coverholder at Lloyd's, for cyber risks.

As an underwriting agency, Olimpia Agency is enrolled in the companies register with the legality rating: it provides a total assistance to its clients, from the initial advisory activity, risk's assessment and underwriting to the claims management.

Olimpia's young, capable, flexible and reliable team offer its Clients the best services at special time and conditions, in different business fields.

Olimpia's country presence is granted by its Rome, Milan and Cassino's offices and by collaborators in the main cities. Thanks to this presence and a high quotation and underwriting process speed, Olimpia Agency is a market leader in the public procurement sector.

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Production data 2017

total premiums collected: € 28.667.000,00

total bonds premiums: € 22.400.000,00

bid bonds premiums: € 5.020.000,00

total bid bonds: 74.120

C.A.R. policies premiums: € 4.950.000,00

total CAR policies: 2.970

performance bonds premiums: € 13.650.070,00

total performance bonds: 12.010

total number of written policies: 94.070

premiums increase compared to 2014: 33%

bid bonds increase 74%

Production data 2016

total premiums collected: € 23.680.000,00

total bonds premiums: € 17.400.000,00

bid bonds premiums: € 4.046.983,00

total bid bonds: 54.825

C.A.R. policies premiums: € 5.400.041,00

total CAR policies: 2.100

performance bonds premiums: € 11.943.775,00

total performance bonds: 10.695

total number of written policies: 69.030

premiums increase compared to 2014 28%

bid bonds increase 55%

tel. 06 94443175

mob. 328 1889260

fax. 06 87690827